Vasanta Innopark – Cibitung


Vasanta Innopark Cibitung is the latest superblock area of 100 hectares in Cibitung precisely in MM2100 industrial area which will be the only one area of integration around Cibitung.

Vasanta Innopark Cibitung will have a vertical dwelling of 15 apartment towers and condominiums available for 18 thousand family heads or more than 70 thousand people. Vasanta Residential Area is an integrated area that will be equipped with various supporting facilities ranging from shopping centers (mall), business centers, educational centers, and many more that make the area comfortable to live.

Superblock with nuanced concept of Japan has more than 30 facilities that can be enjoyed residents Vasanta Apartments so as to provide comfort for living and activity in this area.

Vasanta Innopark is a new project “World Class Integrated City Development” in Cibitung Bekasi with the theme “Garden City” on 100 hectares of land (stage 1 of 12 ha). Vasanta Innopark is a CBD with the first GREEN concept certified by GBCI (Green Building Concept Indonesia), and will be built:

  • 10 tower apartemen
  • Service apartemen
  • Tower kondominium
  • Office tower
  • Vasanta InnoPark Office Towers
  • Vasanta Mall Bekasi
  • Ruko Vasanta InnoPark Cibitung
  • Vasanta Shopping Street
  • Hotel Vasanta InnoPark
  • Vasanta University of Technology
  • Graha MM2100 Hospital
  • 28 – In – 1 Integrated Facilities & Amenities
  • Apartemen Vasanta InnoPark Cibitung
  • Vasanta Peta